A Threaded Tale

So it turns out that I’m good at keeping up with my project, and not so much with the blog bit. Ho hum.

So below is a catch up with how the piece is progressing so far.

I love to see the colours flicker,

 and come alight

to spread over the canvas

in organic waves.


The colour bleeding slowly

across the fabric,

bringing life to the plane.


I’ve found the process so far incredibly therapeutic. It is immensely satisfying to watch the textures and shapes

come together as the needle works. I often find myself working on it on lazy Sunday mornings and always

feel happy that I have made time in my week to work on it and progress the picture some more.


Without any design or clear intention the piece has become largely embroidery based,

with the other materials – wool, felt, suede – providing background colour or texture;  playing along

with the thread but only to provide a base or little flutter or curve here and there.



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