The work is completed on my very last day in Vancouver, before moving back to Europe. I used some light fabric paint to fill out the sea and sky, giving depth to the background and providing a contrast for the detail to jump out from.



DSC01049[1] DSC01070[1]

This project has run from the first day of the year to the final moments of my time in Canada…for now. The theraputic qualities of the work have astounded me. The calm that pervades from it, the focus on the texture and vibrancy of colour has provided my overworked brain with an escape. An opportunity to step out of the everyday and put my attention into something beautiful.

DSC01034[1] DSC01037[1]

Having started this project with little idea of what would result, I couldn’t be more pleased with the piece, and the style of embroidery that I am beginning to develop. I can’t wait to start my next project.

DSC01060[1] DSC01046[1]


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